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Rate Analytics for Strategic Accounts

Provide key account managers with instant answers to any rate or bill question from your largest and most strategic business customers. With GridX’s rate analytics tool for utility companies, you’re setting your most vital accounts up for success.

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Spend more time assisting accounts


View of accounts


Bill projections within +/- $0.03


Average discrepancy

“Always on” Rate Analysis

Free Your KAMs to Deliver Excellent Service

Free Your KAMs to Deliver Excellent Service
Instant Access to Insights

Instant Access to Insights

Consolidate usage, billing, rate, program, and other customer data in a single location to support conversations with stakeholders across all levels of the account, for next-generation energy management.

Answers in Real Time

Answers in Real Time

Evaluate the cost impacts of changes to customer accounts, from participation in programs and DER adoption, to changes in voltage and phase, and usage patterns.

“As the share of variable renewables deployment increases, retail electricity pricing will need to become more dynamic to reflect system needs in real-time.”

Sanem Sergici

The Brattle Group

“The imperative to eliminate carbon from our economy has grown leaps and bounds. While solutions to this generational challenge are still emerging, one thing is certain – electrification, adoption of distributed energy resources, and increasingly complex rate structures demand the type of advanced analytics solutions provided by GridX.”

Lindsay Luger

Co-Founder & Partner, Energy Impact Partners

Fully Validated Insights

Deliver Recommendations with Confidence

Deliver Recommendations with Confidence
Enabled by Smart Meter Data

Enabled by Smart Meter Data

Generate what-if analyses for new and hypothetical customers using load profiles to quickly respond to inquiries from economic development teams. Give KAMs and sales leaders vital insights from smart meter data and the smart grid.

Future Impact Analysis

Future Impact Analysis

Communicate the precise cost implications of an upcoming rate or tariff change on all key accounts, including new optimal rates under the changes. Create meaningful customer engagement powered by data analytics and support informed future decision-making.

Key Features

Batch Analysis

Insights into how all eligible rates impact the customer in dollars and cents.

Rate Comparisons

Cost implications of all eligible rates, which supports enrollment in new rate designs and helps KAMs answer key rate and cost questions.

Bill Impacts

Financial impact of future rates and tariffs, allowing for proactive communication about upcoming changes.

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Rate analysis results summarized over the desired time period.


Bill calculation for the current bill cycle including the current and forecasted amounts.


Insights into how and why customer bills fluctuate over time.

Business Rate Analytics Tools for Utility Companies FAQ

Here are answers to some common questions about GridX Advise. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, contact us.

GridX Advise helps key account managers (KAMs) at utility providers analyze large commercial customers’ energy usage data to optimize their yearly planning and improve customer satisfaction. By delivering insights into energy consumption and the cost impact of integrating DERs, you can enhance the customer experience with clarity around energy costs and energy use for your most important clients.

Our software works by analyzing customer energy usage data to identify trends and patterns as well as give insight into the impact of changes, like shifting hours of operation or adjusting usage to customer accounts. These insights help your most important customers benefit from sustainability while also understanding their utility bills and energy landscape.

GridX Advise analyzes a wide range of customer data, including energy usage patterns and billing data. This data is particularly helpful for KAMs as it empowers account benchmarking, account optimization, and better data management.

Yes, rate analytics tools can help improve customer satisfaction by identifying areas where customers are experiencing issues with their energy usage or billing. KAMs can use this information to proactively address customer concerns and improve overall satisfaction. Automation of analytics also speeds up operations, resulting in better customer experiences.

Yes, our rate analytics tools for utility companies are designed to be user-friendly, even for non-technical users. It offers intuitive interfaces and dashboards that make it easy to visualize and analyze data.

The benefits of using GridX Advise include better pricing strategies, improved customer satisfaction, revenue growth, more informed team members, and more efficient resource allocation. By leveraging these tools, utilities companies can achieve their organization’s goals, make accurate forecasts, stay competitive, and continue to provide high-quality service.

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