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Daily Revenue Calculations

Expertly managed unbilled revenue calculation for utilities companies

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Streamline unbilled revenue calculations


Evaluate unbilled revenue on a customer-by-customer basis


Revenue-to-date updates


Bill projections within +/- $0.03

Smart Meter Enabled

Take the Guesswork out of Revenue Projections

Take the Guesswork out of Revenue Projections
No More Estimating

No More Estimating

Accurately account for unbilled revenue by applying production rate models to customers’ interval data on a regular cadence. Gone are the days of manual meter reading and guesswork when it comes to natural gas and electric utility customer bills.

An Automated Process

An Automated Process

Reduce operations time, increase projection accuracy, and avoid financial loss by eliminating a cumbersome and data-intensive process. Optimize your methodology and improve your accounting standards.

Improve Financial Reporting

Calculate unbilled revenue for a more accurate representation of your revenue and expenses. This can help you forecast and plan financial performance.

Better Cash Flow Management

Understand how much total revenue you are owed but have not yet billed. This empowers more effective cash flow management, helping you manage future inflows of cash and plan accordingly over select accounting periods.

Improved Customer Service

Accurately calculate unbilled revenue to provide better customer service to a wider number of customers. With a clear understanding of what each customer owes, you can respond more effectively to customer inquiries and billing questions.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

From the utility plant to customers’ homes and street lighting, identify operational inefficiencies or revenue leakage in your accounting methods. This enables you to fix the issue and improve revenue generation while decreasing operating expenses.

Compliance with Regulatory Requirements

Many regulatory bodies require utilities companies to report on their unbilled revenue. Accurately calculate and report unbilled revenue to ensure you are in compliance with regulatory requirements, and feel confident with your financial statements around sales revenue.

“CIS systems are highly integrated and complex systems…they are not easy to change when new innovation is needed.”

Kim Schafer

CEO & Founder, Validos

View What You Want

Revenue Tracking & Analysis

Revenue Tracking & Analysis
Insight Into Revenue Shifts

Insight Into Revenue Shifts

Deliver attribution to cost centers and accounts, and provide insight into the conversion of revenue between the billing cycle and calendar month. Understand the total amount of sales or dive into average daily sales, and view them over a certain number of days, the current month, prior month, or the last year and beyond. It’s up to you!

GridX Balance FAQ

Here are answers to common questions about GridX Balance. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, contact us.


How does GridX Balance work?

GridX Balance works by providing unbilled revenue calculation for utilities companies. By integrating with your existing CIS, billing system, and data sources, we identify and calculate unbilled revenue. Our goal is to give you an accurate view of your net income.


Is GridX Balance easy to use?

Yes, we focus on ease of use while delivering unbilled revenue calculation for utilities companies. Our system works with your CIS in a way that is intuitive and can be customized to meet your specific needs. We also provide training and support to help you get the most out of our software.


How secure is GridX Balance?

GridX takes security very seriously. Our software uses industry-standard encryption to protect your data. We regularly update our security protocols to ensure that your information is always safe while our software carries out unbilled revenue calculation.


Can GridX integrate with my existing systems?

Yes, GridX Balance can integrate with your existing CIS, billing system, and data sources. We work closely with your team to ensure a smooth and seamless integration process.

Key Features

Accurate Attribution

Align with various cost centers and accounts.

Performance Metrics

Track, benchmark, quantify, and support better financial reporting and increased forecasting accuracy.

Daily Updates

Revenue-to-date communicated through analytics and dashboards.



Monthly rate analysis results, including usage breakdown and all attributes and options per scenario.


Real-time rate analysis calculation with the ability to apply modifiers to simulate behavior changes.

How Can GridX Balance Help You?