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Rate Analytics for Strategic Accounts

Provide key account managers with instant answers to any rate or bill question from your largest and most strategic business customers.

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Spend more time assisting accounts


View of accounts


Bill projections within +/- $0.03


Average discrepancy

“Always on” Rate Analysis

Free Your KAMs to Deliver Excellent Service

Free Your KAMs to Deliver Excellent Service
Instant Access to Insights

Instant Access to Insights

Consolidate usage, billing, rate, program and other customer data in a single location to support conversations with stakeholders across all levels of the account.

Answers in Real Time

Answers in Real Time

Evaluate the cost impacts of changes to customer accounts, from participation in programs and DER adoption, to changes in voltage and phase, and usage patterns.

“GridX’s complex calculations help our customers really understand not only what they’ve done in the past in terms of consumption but where they are headed looking forward in terms of a forecast.”

Matthew McRitchie

Product Experience Manager, Consumers Energy

Fully Validated Insights

Deliver Recommendations with Confidence

Deliver Recommendations with Confidence
Enabled by Smart Meter Data

Enabled by Smart Meter Data

Generate what-if analyses for new and hypothetical customers using load profiles to quickly respond to inquiries from economic development teams.

Future Impact Analysis

Future Impact Analysis

Communicate the precise cost implications of an upcoming rate or tariff change on all key accounts, including new optimal rates under the changes.

Key Features

Batch Analysis

Insights into how all eligible rates impact the customer in dollars and cents.

Rate Comparisons

Cost implications of all eligible rates, which supports enrollment in new rate designs and helps KAMs answer key rate and cost questions.

Bill Impacts

Financial impact of future rates and tariffs, allowing for proactive communication about upcoming changes.

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Rate analysis results summarized over the desired time period.


Bill calculation for the current bill cycle including the current and forecasted amounts.


Insights into how and why customer bills fluctuate over time.

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