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Rate Design Reimagined

Develop pricing strategies that incentivize customer behaviors in pursuit of clean energy adoption and grid reliability goals, while ensuring full revenue recovery.

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Leverage the full power of customer and smart meter data


Meters supported


Tariffs modeled


Hours saved

Tariff Modeling

Design Any Rate or Tariff You Can Imagine

Design Any Rate or Tariff You Can Imagine
One Engine to Rule Them All

One Engine to Rule Them All

Easily model proposed tariff structures that provide integrated customer analysis, delivering greater insights in less time.

Design for Now & The Future

Design for Now & The Future

Create proposed pricing and tariff structures in a single tool, allowing instant re-calculation of pricing and customer impacts based on any potential change.

“TOU encourages customers to invest in energy conservation measures, load shifting, battery storage, and renewable generation.”

George Chen

Rates Manager, LADWP

Data-Centric Approach

Drive Advanced Rate Designs

Drive Advanced Rate Designs
The Flexibility You Need

The Flexibility You Need

Leverage the full power of customer and smart meter data to easily create rate and tariff structures – from those with basic requirements to the most advanced.

No More Spreadsheets

No More Spreadsheets

Eliminate processes that are disconnected from source data, such as spreadsheets, that make it difficult to collaborate on proposals and ensure accuracy.

Big Data Platform

Make Sense of Mass Data

Make Sense of Mass Data
Get the Insights You Need

Get the Insights You Need

Leverage massive amounts of data to design effective advanced rate and tariff structures that meet company objectives.

Key Features

Usage Modification Algorithms

Accurately simulate the effects on customer load profiles across your entire population.

Elegant & Powerful UI

So easy to use, just a few clicks result in targeted analysis for any customer.

Intuitive Segmentation Tools

Quickly understand the unique characteristics of customers across your entire population.

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Costing at the interval and daily levels and information that is relevant to the cost of energy usage, such as demand charges.


Monthly rate analysis results, including usage breakdown and all attributes and options per scenario.


Real-time rate analysis calculation with the ability to apply modifiers to simulate behavior changes.

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