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Build, test and implement the modern rate structures we need to deliver on our clean energy future.

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Implement rates that incentivize customer behavior & enhance the grid


Meters under contract


Tariffs modeled


Bills calculated daily

A Revolution in Design

Design Any Rate or Tariff You Can Imagine

Design Any Rate or Tariff You Can Imagine
One Engine to Rule Them All

One Engine to Rule Them All

Easily model proposed tariff structures in a single engine that provides integrated customer analysis, delivering greater insights in less time.

Simplifying the Process

Simplifying the Process

Leverage rate and tariff definitions and their associated price tables, which were previously only available in the billing system, to easily modify rate parameters and analyze the impact across customers.

“As the share of variable renewables’ deployment increases, retail electricity pricing will need to become more dynamic to reflect system needs in real-time.”

Sanem Sergici

Principal, The Brattle Group

Rules Engine

Accelerate Pricing and Rate Development

Accelerate Pricing and Rate Development
The Flexibility You Need

The Flexibility You Need

Calculate proposed pricing based on user-input cost of service and calculation rules, allowing rapid development based on changing scenarios.

Ensure Everyone Wins

Ensure Everyone Wins

Conduct full population analysis of proposed rates and programs to ensure customers or segments aren’t impacted in unexpected ways, e.g. identify winners and losers.

Whole Population Analysis

Answer the Hard Questions

Answer the Hard Questions
A Complete Understanding of Rate Impacts

A Complete Understanding of Rate Impacts

Identify how a proposed rate change will impact each and every one of your customers to ensure none are unfairly impacted and nobody suffers rate shock.

Answer the 'What If'

Answer the ‘What If’

Modify load in real time to answer what-if rate and cost questions regarding behavior change and behind-the-meter technologies like solar, EVs, heat pumps, and battery storage.



Costing at the interval and daily levels and information that is relevant to the cost of energy usage, such as demand charges.


Monthly rate analysis results, inlcuding usage breakdown and all attributes and options per scenario.


Real-time rate analysis calculation with the ability to apply modifiers to simulate behavior changes.

Key Products

gridx Design



Design pricing strategies that deliver our clean energy future.

gridx Analyze



Run full-population, billing quality analytics for every customer.

Utilities Rate Design Analytics FAQ

Here are answers to common questions about GridX. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, contact us.

GridX is a turnkey suite of intelligent software tools to optimize business processes in the utility industry, such as utility billing, new rate and program design, rate analysis, and customer marketing.

The vast majority of consumers aren’t even aware that they have a choice between different electricity rates, and many people aren’t aware of alternative rate types either, such as time-of-use rates and real-time pricing. A surprising number of people even struggle to understand their current utility bill. This is where GridX comes in.

Based on hundreds of thousands of data points from smart meters, our solutions provide essential advice on making clean energy choices with highly accurate bill impacts.

From helping utilities design and implement new rates, to matching customers with those optimized for them, and accurately calculating the impact of energy-related actions on bills, GridX empowers energy suppliers to swiftly deploy the modern electric rates and programs needed to decarbonize.

There are a wide arsenal of modules in our Enterprise Rate Platform to help generate optimal utility plans.

GridX Design helps utilities develop pricing strategies that incentivize customer behavior change toward clean energy adoption and grid reliability goals. It also ensures rate designs lead to revenue recovery. This tool enables users to create advanced rate and tariff structures based on smart meter data and customer information.

GridX Analyze harnesses the power of big data to identify how rate change proposals will affect your customer population. It helps you ensure customers aren’t negatively impacted or experience bill shock. This solution can compare what-if scenarios including program enrollment, load shift, DER adoption, and other factors to determine the true cost of energy decisions.

GridX Calculate Enhances the utility CIS to bill customers with complex, modern rates and programs calculated from smart meter data. This eliminates error-prone manual billing with spreadsheets and the need to invest in costly new CIS implementations or upgrades.

GridX Empower is a robust set of rate, cost and bill analysis APIs that deliver personalized and insightful marketing and educational content that is used to provide consistent results and analysis to all engagement channels, including MyAccount, leading third-party engagement portals, mobile apps, IVR, call center apps and more.  With data volumes continually increasing and rate structures becoming ever more complex, GridX aims to resolve confusion about energy bills with easy-to-understand information driven by high-quality analytics. Utility companies nationwide already use GridX Empower to show millions of customers the exact value of their clean energy decisions.

GridX Explore shows customers the potential of the various clean energy technologies available to them. For example, solar roofs, electric vehicles, and storage. Supported by powerful visuals, the UI lets users bundle these solutions and maximize their savings potential.

GridX KAM simulates hypothetical future scenarios using different load profiles known to the utility industry. This enables key account managers (KAMs) to respond to inquiries from economic development teams within large business customers. GridX KAM provides them with automation that makes it possible to evaluate cost implications across the entire account management system.

GridX CSR is a suite of cutting edge tools that allow utility customer service representatives (CSRs) to easily answer questions about rates, pricing, and bill impacts.

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