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Customer Service Bill Analytics

Give CSRs the tools they need to quickly and easily answer customer questions about their monthly bills and rate plans. logo in slider logo in slider logo in slider logo in slider logo in slider logo in slider logo in slider logo in slider logo in slider logo in slider logo in slider logo in slider logo in slider

Analyze usage and billing history in real-time


Bill scenarios calculated in ~1 second


Calculations within +/- $0.03 error margin


Single sign-on for CSRs

Instant Access to Data

Remove Customer Service Barriers

Remove Customer Service Barriers
No More Guesswork

No More Guesswork

Access customer bill history and analytics in real time to see available rate and tariff options, along with the related cost impact.

Trusted Insights

Trusted Insights

Answer questions with confidence by tapping into fully validated rate comparisons and what-if analysis under any customer behavior or program scenario.

“GridX’s complex calculations help our customers really understand not only what they’ve done in the past in terms of consumption but where they are headed looking forward in terms of a forecast.”

Matthew McRitchie

Product Experience Manager, Consumers Energy

Behavioral Influence

Increase Adoption of Rates and Programs

Increase Adoption of Rates and Programs
Fact-Based Recommendations

Fact-Based Recommendations

Advise customers on the bill impact of different rates plans, behavior change and technology adoption.

Future-Forward Insights

Future-Forward Insights

Communicate the cause of changes to customer bills over time, as well as their expected costs in the future.

Key Features

Bill Forecasts & Comparisons

Costs incurred to-date, how much customers should expect to pay on their next bill and the specific cost drivers.

Rate Comparisons

Bill implications of all eligible rates for an individual customer.

What-If Analysis

How customer bills will change through modified behaviors or adopting technologies like solar, EV and heat pumps.

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Rate analysis results summarized over desired time period.


Bill calculation for the current bill cycle, including the current and forecasted amounts.


Insights into how and why customer bills fluctuate over time.

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