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It’s an exciting time at GridX as we unveil a new brand platform and website.

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Upon becoming GridX’s CEO in early 2022, I knew I was joining an already successful company with immense untapped potential. Modern rate structures were becoming vital in utility decarbonization efforts. We had a handful of major utility customers that loved us. Our technology was differentiated and our team passionate. All good, right? For the most part, yes. But I worried that very few people outside of the company or our existing customer base knew any of this.

I am all for humility but when you have technology that can be a meaningful part of realizing our clean energy future, you can’t just sit idly by. More people needed to benefit from our products…and fast! So I challenged our team to find a better way to tell the GridX story. One that reinforced the importance of rates and the innovative work our customers were doing to design, market and bill them.

Today, I am pleased to share the outcome of this work and to welcome you to the new GridX, the catalyst of our clean energy future.

A catalyst, by definition, is anything that increases the rate of a reaction without itself being consumed. GridX will increase the rate of decarbonization by providing utilities and partners with analytics tools that help energy customers translate the impact of their clean energy decisions into dollars and cents.

The increase in distributed energy resources, as well as the influx in modern rates – there are already 53,000 approved rate structures across the United States – has created real complexity for both utilities and their customers. GridX translates the impact of adopting these technologies and rates into bill impact. By doing so, we show people the exact cost of making clean energy decisions like changing to a new time-of-use rate, buying an electric vehicle, installing solar and more. When applied across a utility’s entire population, we provide invaluable business intelligence that improves the marketing and adoption of programs, products and services needed to decarbonize.

This is where GridX excels and what it means to be the catalyst of our clean energy future.

Things will look different moving forward

Much will stay the same as we embark on this new mission. The same great technology will be used by the same great utilities across North America. Though if the past month is any indication, adding three well-known utilities to our already impressive list of clients, that technology will be used by a lot more!

We have the same amazing team and are working tirelessly to expand. The past few months have seen the addition of accomplished energy industry professionals across product, sales, marketing, design, engineering and operations. That growth will continue! If you are interested in joining, please check out our open positions (shameless plug alert!)

So what’s going to look different? For one, the brand has gotten a jolt of refreshing energy! The most radical change is to our wordmark and logo.

The wordmark is lowercase so as to be approachable.

It’s also very simple, giving it a timeless quality.

You’ll notice that we’ve modified the r – for rates (more on that in a minute).

The “X” has such potential to be an iconic element of our brand but it was under utilized. That is no longer the case, as you will see in our new logo.

We refer to it as the CatalyX and it is so powerful.

The first thing to point out is the use of the letter “r” in forming the “X”. As the industry’s one true rates platform, rates are such a critical element of what we do. We wanted that to stand out as much as possible.

We wanted those “r’s” coming together to speak to convergence and inclusiveness, because we work with everybody (utilities, engagement and CIS providers, etc.) … the Switzerland of rates as I call us.

In the alignment of the “r’s” it almost looks like cross hairs. That was important to signify the accuracy of our solutions – modeling penny-level accuracy across any meter, against any rate.

And, when all these elements come together; the negative space in the center of the logo symbolizes how the clean energy future is possible.

Reimagining our products

You will also notice updates to how we name, classify, and describe our solutions and products. First of all, we’ve adopted an approach of classifying our products by use case to better align with the value we deliver to our utility customers. They are:

  • Rate Design & Analytics
  • Customer Marketing & Conversion
  • Customer Service
  • Add-on Billing

And within those use cases, we currently have seven core products, allowing us to deliver even more impact to utility customer, IT, regulatory and finance teams. They are:

  • GridX Design – Creates modern rate plans that influence customer behavior, enhance grid reliability and get more clean energy technology into homes and businesses.
  • GridX Analyze – Runs full-population, billing quality analytics on current and proposed rate scenarios to identify bill impacts, prevent revenue erosion, and deliver improved rate case outcomes.
  • GridX Empower – Gets the attention of busy customers by embedding highly accurate cost insights into existing utility marketing content, or into leading third-party engagement tools.
  • GridX KAM – Provides key account managers the ability to instantly discover the optimal rate for their largest accounts and perform scenario and usage-based bill and cost analyses in real time.
  • GridX CSR – Enables customer service reps to perform ad hoc rate analyses in real time so they can quickly and effectively answer questions about rates, pricing, bills and costs.
  • GridX Calculate – Simplifies the complexity of billing modern rates with an add-on engine that enhances the utility customer information system (CIS) by automating an otherwise manual process.
  • GridX Balance – Uses interval smart meter data to accurately account for unbilled revenue on a customer-by-customer basis.

A new front end to the GridX storytelling machine

Lastly, but certainly not least, we’ve got a new website! Although our round one version will grow over time, I think it’s an impressive upgrade visually and content-wise.

Our ultimate goal with the website is to have it be a go-to destination for resources and educational content for anyone that wants to leverage modern rate structures in their decarbonization efforts. So if that’s you, bookmark it or sign up for our newsletter so you can keep up to date on the latest.

All of this has been in the works for the past several months and I am so happy to finally make it public. The team at GridX has been working hard across every facet of the organization. Our new brand platform, product naming and website is something we can all be proud of and I hope it’s something you enjoy too.

Together we will work to achieve the decarbonization goals our planet so desperately needs. Hope you will join us on this journey.

GridX Announces $40 Million in Series C Funding and Appoints New CEO

GridX Announces $40 Million in Series C Funding and Appoints New CEO

Investment to drive the development of rate analytics and complex billing solutions that accelerate our clean energy transition; industry veteran Chris Black takes the helm of fast-growing company.


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Unparalleled Accuracy

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