The Financial Operating System for Decentralized Energy Markets

Our Mission

To enable participants to make better energy-related financial decisions, efficiently settle energy transactions, as well as operate and otherwise participate in decentralized energy markets.

At GridX, we believe the key to reducing the carbon emissions is energy product, pricing and business-model transformations. Crucial to such transformations is a financial operating system that aligns economic interests and minimizes transaction cost for all participants in the energy production, distribution and consumption value chain. We are proud to use our expertise and ingenuity to help reshape the future and create a better, cleaner world for current and future generations. We invite you to join us in this endeavor.

Our Solutions
Energy Services Providers
Retail Energy Suppliers
Energy Prosumers
Widespread adoption of distributed resources is driving utilities worldwide to reform their products, tariffs and business models, which have become substantially more complex to develop, market and operate. Traditional analytical and billing operational tools are inadequate to perform critical financial analyses effectively and settle transactions efficiently.
GridX provides a suite of Big Data applications to enable utilities to develop better products, tariffs and business models, effectively promote them, quickly implement them and efficiently operate meter-to-cash operations, all by leveraging the large volume of fine-granularity smart-meter data.
Energy service providers (ESPs), which offer a wide variety of energy related services to their customers, need accurate tariff models and financial analytics to make better energy decisions and optimize energy use for their customers. Traditional ad-hoc modeling tools and processes are labor intensive, inaccurate and inefficient at managing a large number of tariffs.
GridX offers a portfolio of pre-developed billing quality tariff models, a suite of scenario based financial analytics, and a cloud-based Tariff and Management System to allow ESPs to model and maintain additional tariffs and private contracts at a fraction of the cost of legacy tools.
Retail energy suppliers develop products and pricing plans that maximize revenue and optimize margins. Traditional billing and risk-management systems focus on either revenues or commodity costs, neither of which provides a single view of profitability.
GridX offers a suite of cloud-based applications, which enable Retail Energy Suppliers to develop services and pricing plans that maximize revenues and profitability. In addition, the applications monitor financial performance and proactively manage risk.
Distributed Energy Resources (DER), such as distributed-generation, storage and demand-response programs, have transformed utility customers from passive energy consumers to energy “prosumers.” However, these customers are facing increasingly complex tariffs and business models, which make it difficult to decide when and how to consume, store and sell energy and whether to participate in certain transactions.
GridX offers a set of utility-class analytical services to enable utility customers and DER Providers to deal with these complexities by better understanding the financial implications of their energy-related decisions, so they can maximize their savings and bill credit.
Our Products

GridX Big Data

Rate Engine

The GridX Big Data Rating Engine is a large-scale rating engine designed to cost effectively enhance and upgrade legacy utility-billing systems to operationalize complex products and tariffs.

GridX Big Data

Settlement Engine

The GridX Big Data Settlement Engine is a multi-party settlement engine designed specifically to operationalize the business models and tariffs required for decentralized energy markets and efficiently settle energy-related transactions on an interval-by-interval basis.

GridX Big Data Billing

Analytics Engine

The GridX Big Data Billing Analytics Engine is a billing-quality batch and real time analytics designed to precisely analyze price, revenues, costs and bills for utilities, retail energy suppliers and their customers under actual and “what-if” scenarios.

GridX Energy

Pricing and Costing Services

GridX Energy Pricing and Costing Services (PCS) are a suite of cloud-based financial services that enable utility customers, DER providers and energy service providers to make better energy-related decisions, maximize revenue and minimize cost.
About GridX
GridX provides the financial operating system to enable utilities, Retail Energy Suppliers, DER Providers, Energy Service Providers and their customers to operate and otherwise participate in decentralized energy markets. GridX technology enables these market participants to develop better products, services and business models; understand the financial implications of participating in energy-related transactions; and efficiently settle transactions with their trading partners.
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Data security is a top priority for GridX, and GridX believes that working with skilled security researchers can identify weaknesses in any technology.
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